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New York Biomimicry Innovators Group partners businesses and biomimicry research scientists to transform design processes, products and the bottom line

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Learn about biomimicry

For millions of years, the natural world has evolved solutions to many of the same challenges we face in manufacturing today. Learn about biomimicry through case studies and how it can improve a product’s market advantage and ultimately, its bottom line.

Case Studies

Dr.Brennan was inspired by sharks natural ability to prevent fouling on their skin to develop antifouling materials for hospitals which reduce bacteria build-up and help prevent the spread of infections.

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Image by Andy Bullock

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Taking inspiration from mussels’ ability to stick onto a wet rock, wood glues have been re-imagined. Identifying the properties in shark's skin which prevent fouling, non-toxic anti-fouling products have been developed.

Workshops and presentations on biomimetic applications to manufacturing support the work of the NY/BIG.


NY/BIG offers consulting services to help companies identify solutions and funding to integrate biomimicry into the innovative tools used to improve businesses.

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Research looks to understand the form, processes, and systems found in nature.


NY/BIG has a growing network of academics who support the advancements of biomimetic applications through research. Find researchers by university and industry area to explore the innovative possibilities.